Nothing Basic


Different tastes can make you feel relaxed when it comes to the e-liquids. Trying something new and something different can make you have a new sense of reality. Try the Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk. If you love strawberries you’ll love the flavor of Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk because it has a blend of cream, strawberry and milk. This flavor has everything you need to feel relaxed as you smoke it. At an affordable price of only twenty-two dollars and no change attached you can’t go wrong with purchasing e-liquids from Suicide Bunny.

Some of the best flavors are expensive to purchase at little shops like Vape City but not with Suicide Bunny. An Online store like Suicide Bunny makes buying e-liquids exceptionally effective and can be around 24 hours out of the day being able to be bought at any time with fast delivery. Suicide Bunny has many different flavors to choose from along with the Mother’s Milk like Sucker Punch and The O.B. both rated at higher than five stars the customers say that these flavors are excellent in taste with fast delivery and no regrets.

Some of the prices of these flavors are expensive but it really depends on the milligrams of the amount of tobacco is in them how much you pay. If you buy Mother’s Milk at 30ML you’ll pay twenty-two dollars but if you buy a higher amount the price will be higher because you are paying for more tobacco. Enjoy the different flavors from Suicide Bunny today that’s within your budget to keep your relaxation going.

With e-cigs there are plenty of accessories that you may need to purchase to keep your e-cig working right. Depending on how tall your e-cig is may be depend on what accessories you have to buy. On Suicide Bunny there are plenty of accessories to be able to choose from for your e-cig. Love your Suicide Bunny e-juice but make sure you have the accessories needed.

On Suicide Bunny there are the following accessories that you can purchase: You can buy batteries on Suicide Bunny to keep your e-cig working properly to enjoy your Suicide Bunny e-juice. The batteries to buy on Suicide Bunny are less than ten dollars which is super affordable to replace those damaged batteries to be able to enjoy your Suicide Bunny e-juice. Suicide Bunny’s e-juice has awesome flavors to put in your e-cig.